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GOLDEN PLUMB International Building Catalog Awards, which was held between 1991 and 2017 hosted by Building-Industry Center and is known as the prestige awards of the building industry, is Turkey's first product award program in the field of building materials. BUILDING CATALOG, which is the most reliable source of the construction industry in its 49-year history, aiming for architects, projects, and construction sites to meet with building material companies and obtain detailed information about the products, has assumed the mission to carry the building industry to an international dimension by organizing the GOLDEN PLUMB AWARDS as of 2020. The competition, the 26th edition of which was held for the first time in 2020 under the roof of "BUILDING CATALOG", and the 27th edition second time in 2021; continues to keep the pulse of the building sector, by being organized for the 28th time under the hosting of the BUILDING CATALOG in 2022.

As GOLDEN PLUMB International Building Catalog Awards program is nearly approaching its 30th year, it is an award program where companies, organizations, academic groups, research laboratories and entrepreneurs operating in the field of building materials in the Turkish construction industry can compete, it is an award program which also aims to increase its contribution to the development of the sector day by day by supporting products and products by providing new ideas, technology and products in the field of building materials. GOLDEN PLUMB International Building Catalog Awards, where the jury which consists of experts and sector professionals will be evaluating in 3 main categories as 'Innovative Product Award', 'Idea Award' and 'Communication and Marketing Award'.

The advantages that the award program will provide to its participants are as follows: to become competitive in the international arena; to be on a common platform for all companies; to increase brand awareness; to gain awareness in the sector and to develop communication networks for participants in the research and development phase that have not yet turned into a commercial product; to be supported by the BUILDING CATALOG annual media and promotion service; to establish a more interactive relationship with followers on social media; to introduce their brands to the “Architects of the Future”; to provide companies an opportunity to promote in both local and global channels thanks to broadcast partnerships; to take part in the BUILDING CATALOG MATERIAL BOOK - GOLDEN PLUMB AWARDS 2022.

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