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GOLDEN PLUMB International Building Catalog Awards, which was held between 1991 and 2017 hosted by Building-Industry Center and is known as the prestige awards of the building industry, is Turkey's first product award program in the field of building materials. BUILDING CATALOG, which is the most reliable source of the construction industry in its 49-year history, aiming for architects, projects, and construction sites to meet with building material companies and obtain detailed information about the products, has assumed the mission to carry the building industry to an international dimension by organizing the GOLDEN PLUMB AWARDS as of 2020.


The competition, the 26th edition of which was held for the first time in 2020 under the roof of "BUILDING CATALOG", and the 27th edition second time in 2021; continues to keep the pulse of the building sector, by being organized for the 28th time under the hosting of the BUILDING CATALOG in 2022.


BUILDING CATALOG which has been published in Turkey since 1973 and, which fills a very important gap in building materials field, is the first and only catalog for materials. Published in 1983 in Turkish and English in separate volumes, The catalog, reached a level of 4 volumes in 1997. Published since 2005 with its digital face, it has successfully reinforced its claim to always being with its users.

BUILDING CATALOG provides access to key industry professionals on the construction market for 47 years with its multichanneled promotional service, which allows building materials companies achieve the best channel for product display, communication and promotion. Architects, interior architects, civil engineers, contractors, site managers and buyers select products and materials from BUILDING CATALOG, get bids and make purchases, get dealership proposals, inquire detailed information.

BUILDING CATALOG, contributes to sales of products and materials by bringing companies closer to these professionals. Renovated with a brand new infrastructure as of 2018, the BUILDING CATALOG provides comprehensive product, design, brand and project information in an easily searchable format and provides architects with the latest information on new products, case studies, sustainability, BIM and other new technologies, daily updates, regular newsletters, and blog content.

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