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Special Notes

  • Participation of products (trademarks, logos or brand labels, useful mod-hands, patents or similar) that violate intellectual property rights is prohibited.

  • All participants will be responsible for reporting to the BUILDING CATALOG whether legal proceedings (including competition law, patents, trademarks, copyright or other rights disputes) continue regarding the items submitted.

  • The legal copyright of the documents (photos, videos and articles) submitted to the competition always belong to the participant.

  • The participant is deemed to have submitted the right of use and the right to publish to the BUILDING CATALOG.

  • The participant does not have the right to demand compensation for use.

  • By registering, the participant is deemed to have accepted all the items.

  • BUILDING CATALOG reserves the right to make changes in the award system and the jury.

  • The jury is independent and judicial decisions must be followed.

  • The decisions taken by the jury are final and the winners will be selected in accordance with the processes and scoring methods it deems appropriate. The decisions made cannot be objected.

  • Applications of candidate product companies will be kept confidential.

  • The company that has passed the preliminary assessment is responsible for the content representation shared by the representative.

  • It is at the discretion of the jury to consider the ideas and products that are applied with missing documents.

  • The use of all visual materials delivered in promotional and communication purposes is deemed to have been accepted by all companies and individuals applying.

  • In case there is information needed from the winners for promotional activities, the award winning company or organization cannot make any announcements or statements until the results will be announced by Golden Plumb Committee.

  • The participant is solely responsible for the damages resulting from violations of these conditions and especially for the claims of third parties.

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