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1 - Innovative Product Award
Yapıda İnovatif Ürün

It is awarded to a building material or product that is most suitable for the criteria determined in the participation conditions and carries the desired qualities at the highest level, innovative and useful, included and applied within the structure, and contributing to the structure.


The product that the company wants to participate in the competition in this category must be produced as of January 1, 2021. A company has the right to apply to different sub-categories with more than one product.


The products of the companies that will apply in this category are determined by the jury; The place of these products in city visions, comparison with other products realized on a local and global scale, sustainability, effective and efficient work, environmental sensitivity, applicability, design, the values they add to the city and society, application forms, partnership/stakeholder structure and new approaches will be examined.

*In order to decide in which sub-category the product you will apply for, you can download the "Application Kit" from the application page in the menu and obtain the Gold Plumb Category List excel .


Fine Structure



Kitchen - Bathroom

Rough Structure

Floor - Wall - Ceiling

Electrics - Automation


Outdoor - Landscaping

Fikir Ödülleri
2 - Idea Award

In the category of the Idea Award, the most suitable for the criteria determined in the participation conditions and the highest level of the desired qualifications; however, it is aimed to encourage original ideas and concepts that are not required for use in a building, that contribute to the building sector, that are open to development, that have innovative and sustainable qualities, and that they are brought into the sector.


Companies that want to participate in the Idea Award category will be able to apply from this category with the R&D studies they have produced. The products of the companies that will apply from this category should be at the idea stage and, if possible, not produced. Even if the production of the products took place within the company; to the public, company dealerships, etc. These products should not be promoted/launched to institutions in any way.

Sektörel Pazarlama Ödülü
3. Communication and Marketing Award

Communication and Marketing Award; It is an award category that evaluates the projects of companies that provide services in the construction sector, in corporate communication and marketing, that contribute to the sector and society they carry out with a sense of social responsibility. Applicant companies will be expected to present the impact of their projects on the industry and society with measurable data.  


Companies that will apply to the Communication and Marketing Award main category have the right to apply to two different sub-categories with the works they have carried out within their organization:

  1. Communication and Marketing Award

  2. Social Responsibility Award

Communication and Marketing Award


Companies will apply from this sub-category under the following headings, together with their projects that enable their brands to reach target audiences, reflect their brand recognition in the best way, and contribute to communication and marketing.

a.  Public Relations Studies (reputation management, brand positioning, brand image strengthening, sustainability communication, etc.)

b.  Strategic Communication Studies

c.  Event Management, Sponsorship Communication, Launch-Relaunch Communication

D.  Creative Advertising Studies (Creative Content, creative media selection, etc.)

to.  Communication studies designed and implemented in accordance with the reality of social media platforms (creative content, use of creative advertising space, interaction, etc.)


The main objectives of this sub-award category are to reward successful projects carried out by companies to improve their sales and marketing activities for their brands, thereby contributing to the development of the sectoral B2B marketing field, increasing the motivation of the sector's communication and marketing professionals, and contributing to the increase of qualified projects.

Social Responsibility Award


In today's globalizing world, companies fulfill their responsibilities to society for sustainable development with social responsibility activities covering many areas from education to health, from environment to equality. Companies improve their image with the solutions they bring to social problems, and thanks to this added value reflected in their products and services, they distinguish themselves from their competitors, increase their awareness and value, and become more preferred. Social responsibility projects have an important place in companies' strong and effective communication with their target audience.


In this award category, it is expected that the results of the corporate social responsibility projects, which are implemented with a social responsibility approach and create a social impact, in the fields of communication and marketing, are reported with measurable values. The projects included in the application will be evaluated on the basis of whether they reach the objectives and targets set at the beginning, the breadth of their scope, and their contribution to communication, marketing and sales activities. It is essential that the effects of the projects on the corporate culture, corporate and brand image and corporate reputation are presented with measurable values.


Projects within the scope of the Communication and Marketing Awards are required to have started after January 1, 2021, to have launched the projects, and to have started to get results that can be evaluated from the implemented project. All applicant companies are expected to share the results of their projects with purpose, scope, operability and measurable values. It is essential to highlight any measurable periodical work and campaign that highlights the corporate or project-oriented marketing process/method.  


Among the criteria that the jury members consider while making their personal evaluations are the creativity/originality of the idea; success in transferring the idea to the target audience, and the success of the idea in practice. The idea is the distinguishing element that enables the brand to be noticed and/or preferred by the target audience. Along with these criteria, factors such as social responsibility, respect and contribution to social and cultural values, consumer protection, environmental protection, honesty and integrity are also taken into consideration.

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