1 - Innovative Product Award

This award is given to the building material or product that is in line with the criteria determined in the condi-tions of participation and carries the desired qualifications at the highest level, is innovative and useful, takes place in the structure and is applied, and contributes to the structure. The product that the company wants to participate in the competition in this category must be produced between January 1, 2019 and January 1, 2021. A company has the right to apply to different sub-categories with more than one product.

The products of the companies that will apply on this category are decided by the jury throught the following criterias: the place of these products in city visions, comparison with other products realized on a local and global scale, sustainability, effective and efficient work, environmental sensitivity, applicability, design, values that will add to the city and society, application techniques, partnership/stakeholder structure and newly introduced approaches.

*In order to decide in which subcategory your product should be entering, you can download the "Application Kit" from the "Forms" page on the site menu and obtain "Golden Plumb Category List" excel.


Fine Structure



Kitchen - Bathroom

Rough Structure

Floor - Wall - Ceiling

Electrics - Automation


Outdoor - Landscaping

2 - Idea Award

With the Idea category, it is aimed to evaluate and integrate to the construction sector the original ideas and concepts that are the most suitable for the criteria determined in the conditions of participation and carry the desired qualifications at the highest level, contribute to the building industry, are innovative and sustainable. These category does not require the products to be used in the buildings. The Idea Award consists of two sub-categories: Personal and Corporate.

Personal Idea Award

In order to connect the academic studies with the AEC industry, researchers and academicians who have passed through a certain jury committee with their works (master thesis as a minimum) that contribute to the inclusion of a building in the building system or to an urban scale will be able to apply from the Private Idea Award subcategory.

Corporate Idea Award

Companies wishing to participate from the Idea Award category will be able to apply from the Corporate Idea Award subcategory with their R&D studies.

Personal Idea Award

Corporate Idea Award

3 - Sectoral Marketing Award

The companies that will apply to the Marketing category have the right to apply to two different sub-categories with the studies and projects which reveal their company identity and brand values in the most efficient way. These sub-categories are Best Promotion Project Award and Best Sectoral Education Project. The projects regarding Marketing Award are required to be realized beginning from January 1, 2019.


Best Promotion Project Award

Companies, along with marketing campaigns (VR, App, Advertising campaign,…) that enable their brands to reach their target audiences and reflect their brand recognition in the best way, will apply from this category.

Best Sectoral Education Project Award

The companies will apply from this category together with the sectoral training projects they organize to share the new conditions emerging with the developments, their products developed with R&D and Innovation studies with the industry professionals.

Best Promotion Project Award

Best Sectoral Education Project Award