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Product Development Team

Our reason for applying to GOLDEN PLUMB is to share our innovative perspective with GOLDEN PLUMB and to add new ones instead of ossified methods. We think that this award system has an important place in pro-moting innovations and innovative works in the Turkish building industry locally and globally. Our R&D center was established in April 2012, meeting the requirements of Law No. 5746. There are 4 doctorate, 6 grad-uate, 12 undergraduate level researchers and 14 graduate specialists in our organization. Our laboratories have serious thermal, mineralogical and chemical analysis devices that can perform material characterization. Our center has been deemed worthy of the GOLDEN PLUMB award for the third time since its establishment. This makes us very proud as a company.

MTA (General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration) Head Office

The fact that the jury members consist of different professional branches in the award system enables the products to be viewed from a wide perspective, so that the products can be evaluated more objectively. As a system, we think that displaying a structure that embraces public institutions is also an indicator of the trans-parency of the system. We think that researchers who have developed their products will attract the attention of investors and contribute to the sector with new products and new perspectives.

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