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Analysis From Jury Reports

The developments regarding the formation of the “building products” proposed for the award, especially the “designers” who took part in the design process and the design process, were followed throughout the history of the Award.

It has been observed on the occasion of the competition that it is important for our country to question the identity of the “component designer” in the design of the “building product”, which has become a “component” starting from the amorphous material, and to make a development in the field of education to meet this need.

It is determined that the ongoing infrastructure and superstructure investments in our country have incen-tive effects on institutions, organizations and individuals operating in related fields in product and process development.

Changes in the global economy and relationships, especially partnerships in the field of information and technology, require the revision of the criteria in the evaluation of products. On the other hand, due to the prolonged effects of the crisis, it was determined that R&D budgets were affected and reverse engineering examples increased.

It has been observed that the situation resulting from the common use of R&D groups reduces the differences in the center, country and region where the product is innovated. On the other hand, it has been determined that domestic raw materials and local resources are more involved in these global groups.

It is understood that it is important to develop a more adequate R&D infrastructure regarding the design, production, marketing, application and usage stages of the proposed products and to encourage all stages with an innovative perspective.

Lack of products and processes that will contribute to the development of contemporary production has been identified.

Efforts to improve working environments to ensure the quality of the building product and construction process and to highlight distinctive identity features under competitive conditions have been found remarkable.

An important part of the proposed products that are designed and manufactured within Turkey’s industrial enterprises in different regions shows a positive development toward the future.

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