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Steps to follow to apply:

1- Download the application forms, specification and category list from the "Application Kit" button. Wet signed scanned PDF format of the specification and the completed application forms should be included in the final submission file.

2- Make sure that the receipt/e-receipt of your payment is ready. This receipt must also be included in the final submission file.

3- Make sure that the mandatory documents, documents, images and promotional video, if any, specified in the link are ready.

4- Make sure that the patent document / product registration document (the document proving that the product belongs to you / your company.) is in the file.

5- Complete your application by filling all the mandatory fields of the application form.

6- All of the mandatory documents should be submitted. Products with missing mandatory certificate will be excluded from evaluation.

7- All documents will be sent to e-mail address in a zip file. (Large size files can be sent via wetransfer.)

8- In applications for more than one product, the zip files must be as many as the number of referenced products.

*You can download the necessary documents to complete your application from the "Application Kit" button below.

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