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Steps you must follow to apply:

1- Download the specification and category list from the "Application Kit" button. You will need to upload the wet-signed and scanned specification in PDF format at the end of the form.
2- Make sure that the receipt / e-receipt that you got having paid the fee, is ready.
3- If you are applying to the "Innovative Product in Building", "Sustainable Product" or "Idea Award" categories, the documents, images and promotional videos of the product you want to apply are ready to be uploaded.
4- If you are applying for the "Marketing Award", make sure that the promotional images and documents indicating that the idea is yours are ready to be uploaded.
5. Complete your application by completing all the mandatory fields of the application form.

6- All of the documents should be sent to altincekul@yapikatalogu.com mail address in a zip file. (Big files can be sent via wetransfer.)

* You can download the documents that may be required to complete your application from the "Application Kit" button below. You should click on the arrow from relevant window to download the application form of the category you will apply.