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Why You Should Apply?

The knowledge, innovative product and technology development efforts and ideas of the institutions, organizations and individuals taking part in the building sector of Turkey, elaborates the sector to an internationally competitive level through GOLDEN PLUMB.

“GOLDEN PLUMB” provides a common platform for all companies that care about the development of the necessary R&D infrastructure related to the design, production, marketing, application and use stages and the holistic handling of all stages with an innovative perspective.

The companies that have been rewarded at the “GOLDEN PLUMB”, enhance their products, services and projects with the brand value of the “most prestigious” award of the industry since 1991. Also their brand awareness increases, and the brand image becomes synonymous with a qualified platform line.

For the participants in the research and development phase, which has not yet been transformed into a commercial product, “GOLDEN PLUMB” provides a great communication force in order to gain awareness in the sector, develop communication networks and make their products internationally known.

BUILDING CATALOG works to support and announce the award program with its annual media and promotional power.

A more interactive relationship is established with followers on social media.

The chances of companies to introduce their brands to “Architects of the Future” increase.

Thanks to media partnerships, companies are given the chance to promote their brands both locally and globally.

The companies are given the opportunity to take part in the BUILDING CATALOG MATERIAL BOOK - GOLDEN PLUMB 2021, which will be published at the end of the competition.

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