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Evaluation Process

After the participants deliver their application documents and videos/presentations digitally and the product samples by courier until the deadline, the rapporteur checks the application documents, video/presentations and product samples according to their compliance with the application conditions.


After checking the compliance of the products with the application conditions by the Rapporteur's Office, the members of the jury examine the products that meet the application conditions and the submitted documents.


After the preliminary evaluation, the Jury creates a Shortlist for the products to be determined. Company officials specified in the application form for the products included in this Shortlist are informed and invited to the BUILDING CATALOG office for the second evaluation meeting.


A calendar is created in which the date and time of the presentations of each firm included in the Shortlist are indicated. According to this calendar, company officials are informed about the date and time they will make the presentation. Each company representative must be present at the BUILDING CATALOG office at the specified time.*


Company officials are required to make a short presentation, not exceeding 5 minutes, about the products or ideas they have nominated and to answer the questions of the jury members within the time given to them. Firms can use the videos/presentations they have sent before in this meeting or prepare a new presentation.


After these presentations, the jury announces the award-winning products. Along with the jury report, the winning products will be announced on the GOLDEN PLUMB Awards website in December.


*Depending on the national pandemic process, physical presentations that will take place at the second evaluation meeting can be held digitally in the form of meetings. In case of such a situation, the company officials included in the Shortlist will be informed about the issue.


All company officials must comply with the above-mentioned evaluation process. Each company has to fully fulfill the application evaluation conditions determined by the GOLDEN ÇEKÜL Awards Secretariat.

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