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Documents Asked From Applicants





  • Application form,

  • Proof of payment,

  • Patent certificate / product registration certificate, (Document proving that the product belongs to you / your company.)

  • visual material. (The features required for product photos, company logo, product logo, videos, promotional brochures are specified in the application form.)




  • Utility model certificate, design registration certificate, certificates, TSE etc. documents,

  • Environmental awareness certificates,

  • Documents showing energy savings and (if any) documents showing the use of recycled materials and processes,

  • Result reports of product features from accredited laboratories,

  • Documentation showing the use of local resources, if necessary,

  • Documents showing that the exported technology and R&D activities of the products manufactured abroad were developed in Turkey,

  • Documents proving that the products are used in the building in the category of "Innovative Product" Award,

  • Information expressing the aspects that differ from other products in the sector,

  • Award documents received by the product and documents showing that it has received support or incentives in production (if any),

  • Reports proving the applications received from this and similar registration institutions.



  • Each company has to prepare a video/presentation not exceeding 5 minutes in order for the jury members to individually review it digitally. In these presentations, it is strongly recommended to answer the evaluation criteria that the jury will consider while evaluating the products. Since the role played by these presentations in the preliminary evaluation phase will be very effective, it is expected that the products will be explained in the best possible way.

  • How many products a company has applied for, they have to prepare separate presentations for each product.




  • In addition to the videos/presentations, each company has to send only the samples of the products within the scope of the Innovative Product Award in Construction category to the BUILDING CATALOG office until the deadline.

  • Innovative Product Award in Structure Product samples must be sent as mock-ups that will not exceed 20x20cm in size or sample boxes that will not exceed 20x20x20cm in size.

  • In the sample boxes to be sent, there must be a document signed by the company representative, containing the product and company information.

  • Digital documents submitted for Idea Award applications are sufficient.

  • The digital documents submitted for the Sectoral Marketing Award applications are sufficient.

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