Documents Asked From Applicants

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Compulsory Documents:

  • Application Form (LINK),

  • Choosing the application category,

  • The document showing the fee is paid (bank receipt etc.),

  • Application fee; 240-TL for early application, 360-TL for normal application, 480-TL for late application, fees are per product.
    *A fee of 500- TL will be requested from the applicants who are not a member of the BUILDING CATALOG, for opening the company page on This page includes 2 additional products to the one that is applied for and 1 project.

  • Visual Material (Product Photos, Firm Logo, Product Logo, Videos etc. | The requirements of resolution and size about this content is declared in the form)

  • Product Sample (Samples sizes should not exceed 20x20cm in 2D submissions and 20x20x20cm in sample box submissions. For the "Idea Award" category, 3D prototype model of the product will be taken into consideration),

  • Patent Document / Product Registration Document (Document that proves the product belongs to you/your company)

Additional Documents That Will Contribute to Applications:

  • Utility Model Registration,

  • Design Registration Document,

  • Certificates,

  • Documents showing suitability to local or global standards,

  • Environmental Awareness Documents,

  • Papers indicating that the product provides energy efficiency (compulsory for "Sustainable Product" category), Recycable material verification,

  • Laboratory accreditations showing the technical specs,

  • Papers indicating that local resources were used,

  • Documents showing that the technology and R&D studies were made in Turkey, for the products manufactured abroad and imported,

  • Documents showing that the product is used in at least two projects for the "Innovative Product in Buildings" and "Sustainable Product" categories,

  • Proofs of distinction from other products in the sector if the product has unique qualifications,

  • Award documents and encouragement documents to support manufacturing of the product.