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Winners Package

“GOLDEN PLUMB Award” graphic design kit to be prepared specifically for your company,

The opportunity to use the logo in your company’s marketing and PR activities, which symbolizes the titration you have achieved and that you have won a GOLDEN PLUMB award,

To take place in the “GOLDEN PLUMB Awarded Products” tab on the BUILDING CATALOG web site,

On the digital platform of BUILDING CATALOG, which has been an indispensable material reference re-source of the building sector for 46 years, for 1 year after the awards show:

Mentioning the “GOLDEN PLUMB” participant company’s WINNER product, project pages that the com-pany’s winning product is used, events related to the winning product, news, brochures and catalogs, BIM documents without any fee. Extension or renewal of the existing BUILDING CATALOG membership,

Highlighting the winning awards in the BUILDING CATALOG app,

Including the product sample in the physical “BUILDING LIBRARY”.

GOLDEN PLUMB Building Catalog Award Annual Promotion and
PR Support

Annual Package

BUILDING CATALOG Black Visibility Package (annual media plan to meet all your promotional needs throughout the year),

The opportunity to take part in the GOLDEN PLUMB MATERIAL BOOK 2020, which will be published at the end of the competition,

Sending the product sample in the physical “BUILDING LIBRARY” to the Architects to be selected,

1 m2 exhibition area at the award show.



GOLDEN PLUMB MATERIAL BOOK 2020 will be a comprehensive book of companies that received awards and the products they participated in, interviews, articles, files from sponsors and etc.

This book will be published in a limited number, and will be sent to all industry professionals such as building materials manufacturers, associations, press platforms and such.

The design of this book will be made entirely by the BUILDING CATALOG team, by contacting companies and legal entities simultaneously.

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The architects and employers of the projects where the awarded products are used will also be men-tioned and will be included in the awards promotions.

For this reason, at least 2 projects that the product is used must be included in the application form.