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  • Providing technological development in the production process of the proposed product,

  • Containing highly innovative production processes and technologies,

  • Maintaining the ecological balance in its production,

  • Creating new possibilities for the product by gaining a feature that it never possessed before,
    Its use in the building is still open to development,

  • Energy saving in the production phase of the material, its application in the buildings and during the use of the building, sustainability,

  • Security, robustness and durability,

  • No harmful aspects to the environment and health during production and use,

  • Uniqueness and innovation,

  • Design quality, aesthetics,

  • Context suitability, social cohesion,

  • Details, production technology and quality,

  • Ergonomics, user-orientation, functionality.


  • The connection of the proposed project or campaign with the vision and mission of the company, the correct explanation of the company's vision and mission,

  • How much the creative work overlaps with the strategy,

  • The methods used to achieve the determined goals and objectives of the project are determined accurately and clearly,

  • Reflecting originality, creativity, vision and brand value in the best way,

  • Understandability, choosing the right target audience, emotional anxiety, reflecting the brand identity and distinguishing itself from others, designing measurement methods according to project goals

  • Using design, innovative and different tools, providing the best way to reach the selected target audience, using appropriate representation tools for the target audience,

  • Effective use of SEO and Analytics instruments, reporting data if possible,

  • Determining the channel according to the target audience in the announcements,

  • The accuracy of the instruments used in the announcement (social media, mailing, press release, etc.),

  • Numerical reporting of feedback on social media,

  • To how many portfolios the announcement was made,

  • The project is implemented in an easy-to-understand way by consumers,

  • Developing solutions by considering the problems to be encountered during the implementation,

  • Correct management of 3rd party services that receive support when necessary,

  • Monitoring the timing of the project and solving problems,

  • The long-term effect of the project on the brand, the positive/negative effects of the campaign on the company or the product, the use of measurement tools, and a concrete demonstration of how successful the targets have been based on the report in which these feedbacks are compiled.

These criterias are not created in a certain order by the jury. They represent the evaluation criterias. Under all circumstances, the jury’s decision is essential.

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